Rainy day

Photo by Anshu Stephen
Another new chapter that feels pre-destined.

I look out at the perfectly shaped rain drops on my windshield and can’t help but feel warm with anticipation and excitement. This feeling that has become a norm in my life as most things have been and will be temporary from one moment to the next. I can vividly remember the first flight I ever boarded to step into foreign soil, first time I heard a foreign language, saw different colored skin and became entranced by the fragrance of pine trees instead of familiar gardenias.

At first I was overcome with fear of the unknown, then giving in to the sadness of losing all familiar and comfortable, which quickly slipped into the feeling of being lost and alone but eventually surrounded by amazing love, hope and fearlessness through my relationships, experiences and travelling adventures.


Fireworks in the sky

Saw the same old city yesterday, through another’s eyes.

The beautiful dark clouds parted and there it was; a clear sky consumed by the brightest stars. This irreplaceable experience triggered thoughts of everything good in this world.

I could hear my Dada singing to me, while the fragrance of my Dadi’sĀ  gardenias filled the air. I felt my sister’s prayer being answered in Hanoi and my brother celebratingĀ  my Nani’s birthday surrounded by all my loved ones in heaven.

Photo by Adrian Foy

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